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Re: Kentucky Schools Ordered to Stop Using Aikido on Students

Wow, ugly situation.

When I went to YouTube and looked up Aikido Control Tactics, this is what came up. This is not the Aikido I learned at any dojo I have ever been to, this is a straight up MMA dojo using Aikido's name to sell to those looking for a nonlethal art.

I cannot think of a traditional technique I was shown that would break both femurs (largest bones in the body, the big leg bone from hip to the top of the knee). I was prepared to think the teacher was claiming to do what they were taught but went off the reservation and did something not in the curriculum. But the aikido curriculum on YouTube is not aikido as I learned it.

The plan is for no students restrained on the floor facing up, or facing down; That means only pinning someone on the floor laying on their side, which of course leads to injuries, or pinning someone against a wall which of course is not safer, or not pinning at all and leaving the situation to escalate.

How to be good enough to avoid all injury or pain? I have to be that much better than the person I am restraining. No school system short order course will offer the many hours required for that high degree of competency.

The father is right to be upset, and the school board is making the right decision. Not sure another weekend course will provide what they want, and I feel aikido has been done a disservice.
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