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Re: Is modern Aikido based on the atomic bomb rather than the sword?

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Maybe eventually. Maybe not. Countries in the process of losing a war often adopt draconian measures towards "defeatist" speech or actions. As for post-war, I think it's quite possible that stories about the firebombing didn't circulate, although they were free to do so (consider the attitude towards atomic bomb victims, for example). An ambivalent attitude towards the firebombings and their victims wouldn't surprise me at all -- similar things have happened in many other countries, after all.
True, and such attitude would not be limited to one side. However given the slaughter and destruction in the city where he's son lives and where he lived for fifteen years, one needs more then ambivalent attitude to support the idea that the founder was not aware of what was going on. Whether he was keen to discuss this with others is a different question.

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