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Re: dvd recommendations

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I decided to buy Aikido Renshinkai 1st & 2nd step dvds with Tsutoma Chida from They were under the Yoshinkan category of Aikido dvds and look like they cover plenty of techniques to help me understand the waza and movement of Yoshinkan Aikido.
Very pleased with my purchases. Chida Sensei explains the techniques in detail; especially in the step 2 dvd, with comparisons of good and bad execution of the techniques in split screen view, which is very helpful. The uke's he uses are very good and the techniques he demonstrates are done in a very controlled and slow manner to emphasise each movement. Foot movement and hand movement are also explained separately so great attention has been taken in every detail of the waza.

Very interestingly, the waza seems to bear the most similarity of all the Aikido styles I'm familiar with, with Daito-Ryu. There seems to be more emphasis on atemi and smaller circular motion. Shihonage and Kote Gaeshi for example bore much similarity with how I have practised them in the Dentokan.
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