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Re: dvd recommendations

Thanks for all the recommendations and advice. Sorry I've been quiet but I've been swamped with work this week. The tricky thing is as I'm moving to Japan later this year to marry my fiancee and we're still not 100% where we'll be living (it will be somewhere in the Kansai area), I don't know yet what style of Aikido I will end up learning. As I'm making some pretty major changes in my life, joining an Aikido dojo is on my list of things to do but it's not No.1, which is why I thought some dvds might help me to keep the interest kindling until I'm in a position to find a club. In that respect I don't think it really matters which style, although I am drawn more towards Yoshinkan. But saying that I love the smoothness of some of the Aikikai videos I've seen on youtube.
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