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Re: dvd recommendations

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
As an aid to my eventual practice of Aikido I was wondering if people could recommend some good Aikido dvds that cover the basics. There are a wide range of Aikido dvds on, which I have bought from before but I really don't know which ones are worthy of my money or not and so would appreciate a little help. (suggestions don't necessarily have to come from the range found on From what my instructors have told me Aikido uses larger spheres of motion than AJJ (we're always taught to keep our movements small) so some explanation on the dynamics of Aikido's circular movements would also be much appreciated.
Hi Ewen,

As you might have gathered from participating in AikiWeb, "Aikido" covers a vast range of styles and philosophies. The size and form of the movements used in aikido also varies hugely between schools, and the movements are not necessarily or consistently large. I think that if you watched a DVD of a senior Shodokan teacher, followed by one of the current Aikikai Doshu, you could end up pretty confused!

Have you located an aikido dojo nearby that you like? Is there an aikido teacher that you could see yourself following in the foreseeable future? If so, you would get much more benefit from DVDs from traditions that are compatible with their style.

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