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Re: Non-aggressive way to test ability and level of understanding.

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
*shrug* I'm too focused on developing my own abilities to really worry about anyone else's. (Except when I'm the person teaching the class.)

As for testing a potential teacher, I've been fortunate enough to study with teachers who are well beyond my ability to actually test them. If you don't feel that testing your teacher would be pointless, perhaps it's time to find another teacher.

Not my point at all Katherine Derbyshire, totally yours. Not what I had to say, but your own opinion of what you think I said. Some comments here by some people are way off the mark as far as I am concerned, but good luck to you. Some can understand what I said others find it a convenient place to anonymously attack others opinions. If it makes you happy, go for it. Enjoy. I will not be wasting my time trying to explain myself to people who do not wish to understand. I am placing my thoughts on this bulletin board so others can read and agree or disagree. My life is too busy to bother with naysayers. Enjoy your journey.
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