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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Steven Miranda wrote: View Post
I saw nothing in the video that would suggest Mori Sensei purposely attempted to injure his uke, let alone purposely tried to slam his head into the ground. Comments to the contrary are a sign of complete lack of understanding of what is happening in the video. Yes, at the very end it appears uke came down harder than expected however Mori Sensei was not trying to purposely wipe out his uke. If anything, he pull up to prevent injury.

I guess we in the Yoshinkan see this as normal training while others do not. But to say he was purposely trying to injure his uke is just plane absurd.
Now you're getting into the territory of peeing on my head and trying to convince me it's raining. Sorry, but someone who is jumping up in the air and using the combined momentum of their fall and an exaggerated waist bend to accelerate their uke into the mat is not "pulling up".

Also, try rereading my statement or brushing up on your basic logic. Saying that I see no purpose in accelerating uke into the mat like that other than to inflict harm is not the same as saying anyone who does that is trying to inflict harm. It could also be that they are doing it without (what I view as a legitimate) purpose, which I think is more likely.

The fact that you and others, even if there are millions of them, think treating a cooperating uke this way is "normal" makes little difference to me, and does not make it safe or desireable. One of my teachers flatly calls it "unethical" and I agree. There are plenty of striking arts that consider it "normal" to beat their hands forcefully on hard objects until they become barely mobile claws riddled with scar tissue. I don't think that's a good idea either.
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