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Re: loyalty a lost virtue

I considered bowing out, but then thought better of it.

and maybe one should look up the word BUSHIDO before making a statement of that kind.
That is actually good advice...and if you take the time to follow your own advice, you will find the following:

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On Nitobe:

and from one of numerous posts on e-budo:

link to the entire thread:

Just for a little perspective...

And no, I don't particularly embrace it, as I don't find it all that accurate a depiction of the traditions I practice.

I would like to think that my keiko is leading me to at least begin to understand 'Budo'...and that is tough enough as it is. Without adding in too much 'made up' stuff, whenever possible.

Amoung many other references to "bushido" being mis-used by the military elite, MAists the world over, Nitobe, and just about anyone else who bothers to use it. But hey...don't take my word for it...look it up!

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