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Re: loyalty a lost virtue

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And as far as the post stating that in the west loyalty isnt followed as much and doesnt need to be is completely wrong. why study an art if you arn't going to follow it completely, and learn all aspects about it i am pretty sure that that is what the word BUDO entails as part of its tenants, and maybe one should look up the word BUSHIDO before making a statement of that kind.

I hope that i wasnt to harsh
Nah, perhaps a little rash but certainly not harsh. The culture of BUSHIDO is a time long ago in a far away land. If you are determined to carry this loyalty thing to great length may I suggest shinai. Both of your dojo's could have a "mock" battle in which you would meet and re-enact scenes from a land far away and long ago. Even better would be to stage these demonstration in public places. It would expose the public to aikido and you would be able to demonstrate your loyalty your sensei's by giving spectacular performances of aikido. If it were me, I'd even play it up a bit. It might become a popular local community event.
In the end I am sure most of you would end up on friendly terms.
Yeah, I can easily see this turning out real good or real bad. It's up to you folks.
This calls for a BUSHIDO renaissance.
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