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loyalty a lost virtue

Hi there, recently in my dojo we have come across a situation that greatly saddens me.
We have a 3rd Dan that started with us and has achieved all that he has in Aikido with us, however he has grown very attached to another Sensei, and wishes to open up his own dojo under this Sensei's guidance and not our own.
I know that he has talked with my Sensei about it, and my Sensei is a very secure and great man, and while probably disapointed in his student is not going to harbor any ill will towards him, as a matter of fact both my Sensei's student and his new Senei came to our dojo for a seminar this weekend, a seminar that the other Sensei was invited to, to teach.
I was wondering what you might think about this situation and both of the particulars the student and his new Sensei.

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