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Aikido and the Ninja

As a former practioner of Ninjutsu it is one of those Martial Arts that demands great respect. As it has many schools and many techniques. Weapons are introduced virtually on the first lesson. Their Ki Training is later on and only really focused on at Dan level.

However I was reading a General Martial Arts book by Peter Lewis, I think he is a TKD person. However he was giving his very well poor opinions on all martial arts. He also said that an Aikidoka could not throw and Ninja as they would be able to role out of every move. However he failed to notice that all Aikido "forms" of which roles are a part finsh on ones front. I would like to see Mr Lewis roll from his front. Obviously there would be a considerable amount of distortion of his back which would probably lead to death. However, this is not a Ninpo bashing thread. I would like to know you fine peoples opinion on this.

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