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Re: A New Column: It Had to be Felt

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Mr Amdur,
You involved in a punch up type situation?Never-I thought I was the only guy who had a bout of near fisticuffs on a tatami.More than once I have had to chastise someone for trying to break me up.At a B.A.F Summer school a then young japanese guy [name escapes me ] got upset because he could not move me.When it came to my turn [it was ushiro waza ] he grabbed me a proceeded , lifted me off the floor, trying to dump me on my brainbox. I was not amused. We squared up to each other.I called him an illegitimate son of a bitch.He did not do much English but he got my message.Fujita Sensei was the leader of the group.He noticed our potential battle and stepped in before it developed into a fight.Even this day I owe this guy a bit of payback.
What is it about some people?On the other hand maybe I am not so lovable as I think I am??
Cheers, Joe.
Hi Joe,

That wasn't Tanaka-san, by any chance? He had a tendency to get into that kind of situation

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