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Aiki-age theory

As a taiji guy i have been lurking here for a while and enthralled with some of the disscussions about IP/IS and so it is with empty cup that i ask about Aiki-age.

I no experience in Daito-ryu or aikido i have become highly interested in this practice method. As i feel to be able to move freely no matter how strongly you are held would be very useful. I understand that for some people this will be pathetically low level and may no warrent further discussion however i would simply implore you to humour me.

At the moment when testing path flows in taiji or through push-hands i find if an opponent puts force onto my chest/shoulder/upper arm via push/grab etc. i can neutralize and send an opponents force down to the ground and then 'bounce' it back combined with an internal turning to off balance him (though at the moment i can't do it as much as i would like). I find that the further down the arms someone grabs me the more difficult it is, this maybe simply a psychological block on my part.

I have decided to try and work it out by using my lovely wife as a guinea pig. I have a theory that (in taiji terms) the part where i am grabbed (assuming i am grabbed on the topside of the arm) should be yin and as i am trying to raise my hands it should flow back towards my dan tian, conversely the opposite side of the grab point on the arm should be yang and flow forwards towards the opponent using the actual place of contact as the pivot point. (This is taking for granted the fact that the shoulders should be dropped/relaxed along with the elbows)

So i was hoping that some of the members experienced in Daito-ryu etc. would be able to give me some guidance on this matter?

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