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BC wrote:
I know this is a little bit off topic, but has anyone else had to do this before?
I have one that's still sort of going on, although, it's gotten much better. Mine built up over a few months with a lot of behind the back BS and crystalized one night in a very basic get off the line with a yokomen strike. The guy was dropping his head forward and it caused me to alter the attack. He was effectively doing an atemi, unbeknownst to him, and the atemi caused me to want to drop a second strike on him which he was vulnerable to. He got mad and started lecturing me about how I was supposed to attack and the practice was this way. This guy barely even knows the names of the techniques and HE'S LECTURING ME!!!!! HIS AIKIDO SEMPAI TO THE TUNE OF YEARS!!!!! I NOW KNOW NEARLY PURE RAGE! It took everything I had not to take him out and I mean out. I will say that he stopped dropping his head about then as well. My yokomen's were getting pretty short and my hand was not very open at that point. It was a good decision on his part because if something bad had happened I'd have just gone over to work with another partner while he woke up.

It's taken me a long time to get over this one as it's my first aikido conflict of this sort in 12 years. I've been mad at someone, and surely made someone else mad, but never like this.

I learned a lot from it. I recently saw him doing the same thing with a 4th kyu. I realized that he's gotten into it with every single person in the dojo, men or women, sensei or kohai, he does not discriminate. Apparently, it's how he communicates. Once I understood that, I could deal with it. A$$..... need this practice too.

By the way, we've actually started working with each other again and it's been more productive. Time maybe heals a lot of wounds.

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