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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
Like I said in another thread, I think, one of Forrest's stupid jin tricks, is that you should be able to see a movable dantien: a ball of muscle under the skin that can move up/down/left/right. Now sitting here at my desk, and thinking about the angle of the legs on the leg press machine, i think it might be obscured when the legs are close into the body prior to beginning the lift.
Hey Hunter,
You lost me on the moveable ball of muscle, I'm familiar with the concept of dantien, but not exactly with it being what you described here, I think I'm just not understanding what you mean. If there is a unique ball of muscle, that you can see under the skin, couldn't we just take a quick video of that ball? I really don't think I understand your description.

So, are you saying that the muscles don't contract at all during the leg press? That there is literally no muscle being used to do the work of pressing the leg out?

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