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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Hey Christian,

That's not true for a number of reasons. Aikido, as a system was not built for the MMA ring. It doesn't work properly, I know from personal experience. Aikido is not a method to develop power, it's a system. "IP" doesn't sound like a martial arts system to me, it sounds like a way to develop power. It also seems like the "IP" crowd is saying that with this unique method of developing power, you should be able to use this power for all kinds of physical activity. Specifically, you should be able to use this power martially.

Now I do agree, if you don't know about competing in MMA, even if you have more power, it's quite possible that the system you study won't work in that arena (MMA). However if you do know a sport method, say kickboxing, and you know IP, you should be able to dominate in that sport using the advantage "IP" affords, if "IP' does offer a unique physical advantage. Further, if "IP" doesn't require muscular ability as modern athletics does, you should be able to compete in physical activity using "IP" long after the normal athletes career would be over.

I offer the same to you, enjoy your training.

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