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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

Nafis Zahir wrote: View Post
You did notice that no one responded to this, didn't you?
I responded to your comment about holding heads of organizations responsible. I said it's a mistake. A very big mistake.

Nafis Zahir wrote: View Post
Until you've trained with Seagal, you really don't know anything except was is presented to you. To some he may be a jerk, but to others he may be great. To each his own. If I ever get a chance to train with him, I would do it. Just because he's hard, doesn't make him a jerk.
It's nothing about his training. I haven't commented on that. I've commented on the images he chooses to broadcast to the world, and his prostitution of aikido for personal gain. And the jerky image he presents of the aikidoka in his movies, which makes him seem like a jerk.


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