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Re: Mysteries of tai chi

Johann Baptista;251980but how would [B wrote:
you[/b] hop back if you were pushed?
Probably not at all, if I wanted to make a point. Or if I really wanted to make a point, I'd make him go backwards when he tried it. If I was fully engaged in seeing exactly how someone does something, I'd probably let myself go too far, but hey.. that's what an investigative set-of-mind does sometimes.
To take the matter further, how do you even know how a person would hop back if hit with "chi energy"?
Depends on what you're calling "chi energy". I'll let you show me yours if you'll let me show you mine.
Its strange; do we really have to have Michael suspend himself from a rope (a noose? ) and push back another guy on a rope to demonstrate that he's telling the truth?
Good point. I'd love to see what Phillips does when he doesn't have his feet on the ground. I think he'd appreciate the term "groundpath" a little more than he does, if he gave it a try. I notice in one of his vids that he's suddenly aware of "grounding" (as in "groundpath"), something he trivialized in archived past comments.
The point made that some people are trainned to jump back at anything is a good one but some of those guys looked to be pushing very hard. (They could have been faking that too .)
Well usually I like to hear more physical reasoning in discussions. But after all, this isn't my forum.


Mike Sigman
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