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Re: bokken strike style

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I've moved to Portland from Northern California, and in visiting a new dojo I saw that their strike style was vastly different from what I'm used to. The strike there describes an arc, like the belly of a 'D' when seen from the side, as opposed to the whiplash, 'L' shaped strike that I'm used to seeing (and have had pounded into me). Any comments on the respective strengths/weaknesses of these two styles?
You are aware that your NorCal sensei's weapons style is rather unique, aren't you? I learned some stuff from him back in the day that has served me very well for a long time, but can occasionally get me in trouble for being different. He's the first teacher that put weapons work into a physics and mathematical framework that I can really understand.

Off the cuff opinion, learn both, take the good from each, and make your sword work a new dipthong...
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