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Re: What is holding you back?

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Well, if I did the conditioning then I'm not so concerned about it but it is the conditioning that was done to me when I didn't know it that I'm worried about. Perhaps you can elaborate on how to 'let go' of that which there is no awareness? That is why I plan to 'count' them so I can become aware of the conditioning and decide if I want it as it is or want to change it.
Sounds like you already are aware. You pointed it out in the example in your first post. Specifically where and by whom you became conditioned probably isn't that important, as long as you can identify that there are habits or tendencies that you wish to change or do away with. You move forward by focusing on how you want to behave, and then practice it enough that it becomes second nature. You're "overwriting your programming", so to speak. We all do that, consciously or not, every day. Doing it with purpose is what makes all the difference.
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