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Passing of Keith Hartley Sensei

Posted 2019-09-24 11:10:23 by Jason Mallia

Aikido Sensei Keith Hartley died on Sept 21 at the age of 89. He was an aikido pioneer in New Zealand, opening the first Iwama aikido Dojo there. He continued training into his eighties. Keith studied several styles of Aikido, becoming an uchi deshi at the Iwama dojo in his mid fifties. Few aikido phonies and fake masters escaped his biting humor, and his often hilarious sarcasm. At age 86, while walking his dog he slipped on loose gravel and took a near perfect break fall with no injury. He still complained that his technique was sloppy and he would do better next time. The Aikido community has lost another great one. - Written by T Collings Sensei

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