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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

What clique? I belong to an independent, Aikido organization that has no official affiliation with Jun, Ledyard Sensei, Dan Harden, etc.. Your position has no basis in reality. It is once again, you, nobody else but you, avoiding personal responsibility for the positions you take and the consequences that result from them.

Back to the topic of the thread that you started..... This forum is open to discussion from many different viewpoints. Frank discourse takes place. Jun insists that it is done within respectful bounds. If you want to call that an open forum, fine, if not, fine. Your failure to abide by Jun's guidelines is simply your failure. Trying to blame it on some non-existent "cliques" speaks for itself.

Marc Abrams
Happy slap on the back chappies? I can see through you like glass Marc...... I'm not the one disguising their disgust so thinly veiled.....
Have I actually insulted you yet? Methinks not , but you are very, very sensitive, now that is obvious..... I really wonder why?