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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

I think forum members should avoid insulting other forum members.

The hard part is that what one person perceives as honesty and humour, is perceived as an insult by another. And what one person perceives as respectful, is perceived as hypocrisy by another. This perception depends on personal and cultural attributes of a person.

I don't think it is cliques. I think it is just groups of people that happen to have a similar perception in these cases because of similarities in personal and cultural background. I remember George S. Ledyard explaining this in terms of east coast versus west coast. I can see the same thing comparing big city culture and countryside culture.

I like humour (britisch humour is even a favourite of mine), but IMHO it crossed the insult boundary when one makes fun of other members or a generalization of other members. If members keep doing it, the forum will degrade.

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