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Re: Koshi Nage - Distance Between Nage's Feet

For me the question of "form" brings up analogies with language and music. Language has a grammar, for example, that determines proper "form" of sentences, but in any living language it is a generative grammar that enables the fluent speaker to create any number of sentences.

I don't want to overstate any comparison between a language and Aikido or other martial arts; however, consider then the following entry from Aikiwiki:


A 'slogan' of the founder's meaning 'infinitely generative martial art of aiki.' Thus, a synonym for aikido. The scope of aikido is not limited only to the standard, named techniques one studies regularly in practice. Rather, these standard techniques serve as repositories of more fundamental principles (kihon). Once one has internalized the kihon, it is possible to generate a virtually infinite variety of new aikido techniques in accordance with novel conditions."

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Look at music and the art of improvisation. Improvisation is structured sponteniety, as distinguished from a sound I might make doing music "anyway" I want. It is responsive to context as well -- e.g., the context of other musicians performances.

To me the apparent delimma in trying to decide what is the correct form stems from not placing the concept of Takemusu Aiki along side form, and seeing it as "repositories of more fundamental principles (kihon)."

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