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Re: Classical Aikido (and Neijia) in Police Work

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Depends on how you do it and on the agility of the person you are doing it on. A buddy of mine and I have been practicing with this version of the head throw. There has to be correct posture, hip movement but above all balance breaking at the beginning. If there isn't there is a tendency of using strength to twist the head more then needed as to have a sense of control that can lead to unfortunate circumstances. Of course if you have all the above you can just break his neck like that of a chicken but that's another thing.

In this particular case I think it was mostly the agility of the street dweller that prevented a more fatal outcome.
Don't disagree with what you are saying except for "that's another thing" - I think that that is the thing

Here is my favorite (I posted it before) kubi nage video: .

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