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Ian Dodkins (ian) wrote:
I would be very grateful if you could clarify your statement (I never saw anyone doing the roll-up form 14 years ago, though I have seen it more recently) e.g. when and who did this?
First it was actually the book "The Structure of Aikido" by Homma Gaku. In the book he mentioned that it was the original jujutsu way and it was difficult to take ukemi for it. The difficult ukemi was the reason why it was changed in Aikido.

Then I noticed Tohei Koichi did it the same way also.

My sensei then told me that Tada-shihan did it the same way.

Then a student of Chiba-shihan, showed the same way of doing kotegaeshi. Which was rolling it up.

The last one I saw a video of 8 Aikikai shihan. One of them, I forgot who, showed the same way of doing kotegaeshi. A student actually asked him, "Sensei, [when do you do this]?" The shihan answered, "itsumo," which means, "everytime".

If it goes back to the students of O-sensei (Tohei, Tada, Chiba, and one of that 8 shihan which I forgot the name) that actually showed how the kotegaeshi was done, then I would believe that it was the basic and not a modification. Even Homma of Iwama said that it was the original way it was done.

I've been doing it ever since, not just because of the form, but because of the principle behind it. Kotegaeshi - return the small hand.

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