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Re: What can you say about this?

aries Navy wrote:
Saito Sensei said that the techniques he is teaching were the teaching of O Sensei.
So he did.

Lots of people do not believe in this claim by Saito sensei. They think Saito sensei's aikido is osensei's aikido filtered through Saito sensei's body and personality - just like many other of osensei's students. Nishio sensei, on the other hand, is most certainly doing his own thing.

Saito sensei's students give Saito sensei this special position as the one who did osensei's aikido, but many others do not. I am afraid you will have to live with that.

Since the technique of Saito is the one being taught by O Sensei does it mean that Nishio is also saying that O Sensei's techniques are already obsolete or unsuitable?
As I already explained, I don't buy the first half of this sentence. But if we concentrate on the second half, Saito sensei himself said on one or two occasions that he was unhappy about one or two things in his old books, and many people have been tellling about how Saito sensei's teaching changed over the years. Maybe Nishio sensei was thinking about that. I don't speak Japanese, and don't know if this quote by Nishio sensei was well translated.
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