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Re: What can you say about this?

Recently I have been doing some research on Nishio Sensei and from what I have read he had the greatest respect for what Saito Sensei was doing. He even said that Saito Sensei is the only one doing Ueshiba style (this was also in a 1980's interview). Nishio felt that Saito was preserving what O'Sensei was doing at a particular time and it could be used as a reference. Nishio was saying that if we as aikidoists get "lost" we could find our way by referring back to what Saito Sensei was doing.
That being said I would take his statement that "...but now there are some aspects which are unsuitable..." to mean in this day and age they may not be suitable. Nishio is a big proponent of aikido evolving.
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