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Re: The most vital question. Who's going to win the world cup?

Bruno Teixeira wrote: View Post
I have to disagree with you. The way I see that move, he sacrificed himself for the team in a desperate move. And his team won!!! He is proud of himself, and he should be!!
Carsten said it well. Any other player in the world, in the World Cup or in a weekend play with beers and churrasco, would do the same...

If Brazil (or Palmeiras, the team I support in Brazil) lose a game that way, I would think the very same way...
I disagree.

He cheated. He intentionally broke the rules because his team couldn't match Ghana in a fair contest of skill.

That's why he was sent off. The punishment meted out by the referee is irrelevant to the decision made by the player.

If one has to resort to that kind of behaviour, what's the point?

But the Netherlands have just scored a cracking goal, so balance is temporarily restored!
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