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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 15

Hi Peter,

This was one, amongst many, I was waiting for in particular. Thank you kindly. As always, much food for thought.

I don't have The Way of Harmony at hand so I would need to check whether some specifics on kotodama is in there, but I was curious whether you considered Stevens' "The philosophy of Aikido" as a source to cite since pages 47-49 have some of Stevens' views on the "exoteric aspects of kototama."
Also, chapter 1 actually begins with defining "the essential principles" of aikido as a "philosophical system" which may provide you some food for thought since you yourself "wonder if Stevens sees a distinction between Ueshiba's complex and intricate kototama ‘theory' and his kototama ‘philosophy'."

As a side note, over dinner I tried to point out this book to you regarding a certain individual, which if I recall correctly, was the same Takaoka Sadao you referred to. The book in question is "The Mysterious Power of Ki" by Kouzo Kaku, starting from page 123.

Looking forward to the next 20+ columns!
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