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Re: YouTube: Kanaya Hirotaka Shihan

David Soroko wrote: View Post
Another demo, this is Saito Morihiro sensei doing a "lecture" style presentation the subject beeing Irimi. The ukes cooperate fully by taking morotedori, katatedori, ryotedori etc... to facilitate the demonstration. This doesn't take away from the sharpness, severity and martial integrity of the presentation.
What is really so different between this demo and the ones of Kanaya Sensei?

Saito Sensei's ukes do not fully resist him. They do not let go of him. They don't try to reorganize themselves - which I admit is a rather silly thought.

One thing that I see time and time again in Saito Sensei videos is his uke kicking their legs up into the air to take a fall.

I believe that they do these things because they are taking part in a demonstration or teaching, and they in fact are offering themselves to Sensei so that he can clearly show the principal he is trying to illustrate. And because he wouldn't call them up if they acted as a real person would who was really trying to attack him, it would be rude and selfish and pointless. There is also the fact that it might hurt quite a bit more to not get yourself into a proper fall when Saito Sensei drops his weight on you...but that's assuming you've held on to him when he starts moving.

Anyway, to me that's pretty much the same interaction as what the original videos were showing.
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