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Stephen Nichol
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Re: YouTube: "Aikido Daycare"

Eric Winters wrote: View Post
That is soooo contrived, that would totally not work "on the street".

Falling and rolling works fine on the street... just not as comfortable is all.

I have actually seen two young boys at a public field (was walking by a sporting event) have a very similar push pull 'tussle' and the result was essentially what you see in that video and others like it. Each time the larger boy tried to grab and push on the smaller boy the smaller would just 'fall' back and sometimes to the side while the larger one fell over. It was obvious the larger did not wish to fall onto the small boy and would try to go to his side or straight over depending on where to intent or balance/energy of the 'throw' seemed to take him. They did this 3 to 4 times I think before the parents broke it up.
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