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Re: Morihei Ueshiba's Use of the Term "Aiki"

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Nice. Thanks, professor.

My interest in this is how it traces the loss of IP awareness down through the generations. Tomiki, who had a clue, looks at one of the standard IP party tricks and sees isometrics and skillful muscle use, not something appropriate for the general public. And presumably he saw the solo exercises as "isometrics" as well.

Sorta like Saito, asked about "opening the legs in six directions" and saying, "Oh, that means hanmi."

When the concept itself is lost, how can the word keep its meaning?
The problem I have here, is it is looking for a specific answer. The assumption that there is an IP (unique internal power)- which is different then anything commonly understood. Then from that assumption you are looking to trace the loss of awareness for this IP.

It's no different then many IP people feel about those who look for answers to what was happening using modern athletics as an explanation.

Both view points are favoring assumption that what they feel is correct.

If we are going to find an answer (I'm not sure we ever will) we've got to try and look at the problem with a little less bias.

If we are looking for something, we'll find it. If we are looking for IP, we'll see that, if we are looking for normal athletics we'll find that. We need to look for the truth, instead of trying to prove our personal perspective correct.

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