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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Hi Dan:
That being you of course. The same reasoning applies to you.
Not really Mary. In a very kind, albeit direct manner you would stand there dumbfounded as nothing you did worked. I know you see this as ego, but since I...unlike certain other people...never claimed ownership of the material, I would simply point to the greatness of the knowledge, and not us as individuals as the source. Once we get over the personal defense and look at how profound the work is, we can place it above ourselves as a goal we all work toward.
I am being kind, in stating flatly that many are going full speed in the wrong direction. Sadly, most only find out much later in their search.

Ueshiba was startling to seasoned Martial artists.
These skills, only now being made more public, are...well...startling to seasoned martial artists...who all thought...they were doing it already!!