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Re: The Word "Aikido"

Yes, for me it remains a word,
the definition of which is my own to ponder,
the application of which is mine to own,

Aikido is just a word, like any other, that takes its significance, relevance and impact on the way we use it in our dealings with others.
Against all attempts at revisionism... the word was, The Way of Aiki. It was coined "The Way of Aiki" for a reason; The old mans art was different from the Koryu and Gendai arts being displayed before a very educated crowd.

This new tactic to personalize and redefine it is understandable though. Since the majority of those in aikido have failed in their attempt to understand aiki, why not go back and corupt the meaning of the name itself, as well as the founders practice, in order to forge a new practice that can only be judged on a personal level.
In so doing, they can complete Kisshomaru's attempts to create a new revisionist history divorced from his fathers message and skills, and establish what has been described as a weaker practice that is approachable by the majority.
Perhaps in the end, we may hopefully find mutual satisfaction and empathetic agreement on the training mat, where it all started.
Mutual satisfaction and agreement is currently being sought in two camps; the founders art and the sons invention of modern aikido. They are most certainly not the same.
As time goes on, tthose that choose Ueshiba's Way of aiki will remain untouchable by those who follow the son's model. Ueshiba's model was and is, superior and can be demonstrated as such every time.

I would guess that in time, those who choose to continue on with the son's model will continue to lose students (as they continue to report here) due to a lack of credibility. This is actually happening on two fronts;
1. Outside the art
Their lack of power and fighting ability as judged by a crowd educated in MMA
2. From within the art itself
Their lack of power and ability as judged be an ever growing population getting educated and familiar with the founders true art.

The Founder's Way of Aiki...requires no mutual agreement anyway. Those who follow the son's Aikido™, cannot stand in the face of it. It is undeniable.
Ueshiba's art is better than the son's. I hope that's the type of mutual agreement you can be satisfied with since it is the only agreement I see happening when the two groups meet and touch hands.
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