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Mike Sigman
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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

I realize that there will be another of the many archived "sudden silence when telling questions are asked" answers, but let's take this comment by Dan Harden:

You also might want to consider that Hong considers peng to be chansi-jin, "the one jin" in the first place, and not rooting or bouncing out with the dantien or the Sigman ground path model; it's more inclusive and complex than a single path.
So, Dan, since you're the expert and you're using my name to establish your own bona fides (a very traditional keyboard tactic that goes back to the 1990's, if anyone wants to check various archives), how does "groundpath" work in relation to this comment from the Taiji classical literature:

"The root is in the feet, Jin is generated from the legs, controlled by the waist and expressed through the hands and fingers. From the feet to the legs to the waist must be integrated with one unified Qi."

Could you give us your explanation of what "the one jin" is (a term that I introduced as far back as the 1990's)? Can you for just once explain in definitive terms what the factual problem is, rather than just throw my name out on BS public forums? At least on the old Neijia List we had the habit of explaining the issues rather than just trying to trivialize via assertion, self-proclamation, and so on.


Mike Sigman
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