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My sensei was using me as uke, to demonstrate ikkyo for the newbies. They were about 50 pepople there watching... My sensei started the technique and then paused just before straightening out my arm, and said:

"Be careful when you reach this point in ikkyo. If you go to near your uke... Well, Patrik (that would be me) has been with us for quite some time. So if you'd do it this way, look at what he would do..."

And then he waited for me to show everyone how smart i was. Alas, I couldn't remember! So in panic i tried a forward roll, just to get away. I figured the newbies wouldn't think it was wrong anyway... So i did. And then my sensei, with a suprised look on his face, just kept on to my arm and did some sort of kokyo nage. Splat! Right on my back seconds after i thought I'd escaped!

The crowd was pleased, they tought it was the way it was supposed to be done. It sure wasn't! And I made an arse of myself infront of my more experienced aikidoka friends. Looking back, it was rather cool though.



(Btw. My teacher was thinking of the move you can make, by turning around and using your elbow to smash nages face. This can only be done properly if nage goes to near uke before straightening out ukes arm.)
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