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Re: The Leather Man

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
How about contributing to the thread hopefully in a better way than you did in the other breath thread ..telling folks to draw in with the dantien and then...relax. Talk about misinformation.
Perfect. As good a factual issue as any. Except show me what I said (give us the exact post... something you've been known to run from when asked in the past, BTW) and then, when you've laid out the quote, tell me exactly what is wrong with what I said. That's how you do it, Dan. Good start.... now follow through factually.
I read was argument over approach and terminology. I did read where you stated you deliberately goad and chastise people to get them to talk and give information. I have it saved somewhere.
Like established, reputable teachers with known reputations, Dan... if I want real information. If I want to see if some guy is as good as he claims he is, I'll do it, too... but not because I think they have any real information. But let's see your facts as in the above "call".


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