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Mike Sigman
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Re: The Leather Man

David Orange wrote: View Post
Mike seems to be using the fascia in a similar way but he may miss some elements of the true nature of the fascia. He seems to be working largely from self-taught bases instead of from a real baseline--otherwise, I think he could have explained this central concept more clearly.
Gee, David.... I can point you to similar posts by people who suddenly began to see a glimmer of understanding about the same topic. Posts where suddenly they begin to understand for the first time and they understand so well with the first intuitive guess of theirs that they can also tell me that I don't really understand. In fact, the posts I can point you to were made about 10 years ago. Peter Lim comes to mind as a good example of someone who suddenly got a clue and at the same moment decided his clue was far more intelligent than my years of practice, demonstrable skills, etc. I'm simply amazed at how obviously dumb I am to some people. Maybe that's why I'm so picky about who I'll share things with? Go see Dan, David. Enjoy yourself.


Mike Sigman
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