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Re: Practicing perceiving other energy?

Peter Della wrote:
Thanks for all the feedback. As an essentially rational, analytic person, I wonder: How do you explain that in double-blind scientific studies, religious people who ask God to heal them actually heal more quickly than non-religious people? (both groups have same diagnoses, same medical treatment, same level of disease, etc.)

My explanation is that we do not know everything there is to know about the human mind, although everything we know indicates that it is a powerful organ. Who knows what it can do?

Not a bad thing, by the way, but not the same thing as an instructor shooting ki towards a student, which interestingly, not a single person has been able to meaningfully address.

Also please source those studies because prayer has had a abysmal track record when faced with actual rigorous scrutiny. Although some guy did write a book about it a few years back and my guess is that most people just extrapolated book == best seller == true.
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