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Re: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, O'Sensei

Thank you fro the great information. I hear a lot has been read into my post, and certainly for the betterment of the conversation. I hit on some things that had a lot of 'load' for some. It would appear that it rings close to some other things that people have heard from others in the past.

There is some assumption that I would like to bring home.

1. I don't feel or did I say that th A-Bomb as the sole cause or impetus for the change in O'Sensei; I believe that it is a part and also significant in his changes for at least one of the reasons that others have said; it was so much destruction so quickly.
2) I am deeply aware of the 'no talk' rules surrounding the Atomic Bomb, at least in Japan. Very close friends of mine are artists who travel each year to Japan to work together with other artists who are finding artistic ways of expresssing emotion and tale's of the Bombings. You can find some interesting stuff on the internet by looking up "Colapsing Histories".

Another intriguing study is the movie 'Godzilla'. which is told as a story of the 'bomb'.
4) I have no fuzzy feelings about Hiroshima, O'Sensei or anything related to the common mis-perceptions that the 'Americans are bad' or anything like that.I actually take a different view from the very beginning; which is that it is simply an example of colonialism/imperialism gone mad, as it has done on this soil for many centuries. And the Japanese are no less the victims of this than the Indians are on this soil. No romance.

Mostly, I would like to return to, what I thought,was the thrust of my post, which is the Earth angle, the nature angle,and the intuitions and information that come from this level of understanding. That is the force and the level of sensitivity that O'Sensei often spoke of being in communication with, that I am referring to. And if I'm totally wrong, fine. But a least someone mentioned it. The Earth has vibration and so do all actions. For a person, who himself spoke of such an intimate relationship with nature as to say "who do I make friends with? The universe (nature).", to not feel effected by such a huge 'ripple in the force' (probably not adding to my credibility here, but that isn't my concern at the moment, or maybe ever) would point to an even more startling gap than any of the one's that I have read above.

I guess I would be interested in the question "what was O'Sensei doing, specifically, in Iwam, during this time. What did his day look like?

There is a lot of coverage of the historical, of the Japanese, of the 'players', of Daito-ryu... but there are rare few voices inquiring into the 'natural' relationship that O'Sensei had with the world and what that was about for him and how is that Aikido?
I've heard all of the above stories, mostly, and have heard a few that flesh them out. To me, they aren't remotely at odds. But there is room for another angle of discussion, and that is what I am attempting here.
Not an argument and not a 'my teacher said' discussion.
Simply a mention of the Earth. I know it communicates to me more obviously after my training for the last decade and a half than it did before. To me, that is O'Senseis Aikido and I believe he heard he same sound.

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