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Walter Martindale
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Re: Getting shouted at, again

Sounds like an unfortunate situation in the dojo from which you are leaving. IMO the only shouting that should happen at a dojo are "GOOD!!" (or equivalent) or "STOP!!" (or equivalent), when someone does something well, or when someone does something outright dangerous - respectively. Kiai is a completely other thing.

If you're being shouted at for anything else, it's a good place from which to take your leave. Sorry to see (from your other thread/post) that you're leaving aikido.

Not knowing your situation (and it's your right to keep it to yourself), while the above may be quite shallow, I feel it's the basis of appropriate dojo behaviour. You're paying (or, you were paying) a fee, the dojo owes you "best practices," or at the very least their best efforts.
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