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Re: Getting shouted at, again

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
What was the shouting about?
When I was a judo blue-belt (2nd kyu if I remember) I yelled out "Shut the F___ up" at the dojo sensei and the guy I regarded as my sempai, because I got tired of the shouting from them about opportunities I was missing - among other things. I told them I was tired of getting crapped on, basically. They explained that junior guys don't shout back at senior guys, not to use that language in the dojo, and that they're yelling at me because they thought I was getting relatively good and they viewed it as encouragement.

So - what type of yelling were receiving - supportive? Harsh criticism of your technique? - might help respondents understand.
I wasn't shouting. They probably wouldn't want me discussing it on here, to be honest with you.

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
You are telling your story and no one can tell you different. So why tell it here? No, we don't know that you were "in the right". Believe what you want to believe, but don't ask us to validate your version of events as the truth.
i have a family, a wife and a step daughter. That gives me some credibility.

Chris Sawyer wrote: View Post

If I recall you posted about starting at a new dojo recently following problems at a previous dojo. Are there now similar problems at the new dojo? Just tying to understand the timeline that way the 'common denominator' can be identified and addressed.

Also, you mentioned your mental health is now in control.

I see previous posts about whether you should have even started this thread, but perhaps you know the reasons for these struggles and why you posted here.

Help us help you out...
I think i will follow the old Sensei's advice i had at my old club, and quit Aikido altogether. At least, i don't like it how all of the wolves pounce, at the first smell of blood.
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