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Smile Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Chris,
Who do you suggest should be the candidate/s for the bone breaking?You, your students or some other guys?Do you want to go out and find somebody in the street and break them up just to promote the image of Aikido as a Martial Art?I personally dont care whether anybody thinks I do an effective/ ineffective art.My own experiences in this game [over 40 years ] leads me to to the opinion that Aikido can if the situation merits it,be martial.
Having the ability to [as you put it ]break bones, does not
mean you have to.
Rather than be concerned about image, do you not feel as responsible people we should advocate non violence and peaceful resolution in potential conflict situations?
All the best , Joe.
Dear Joe,

The candidate(s) for the "bone breaking" agreed duels in judged challenges, with referee, should be any prepared Aikido-ka ready to open a dojo that'll attract sincere martial artists, like that way Yong-I Choi, aka Mas Oyamas, did for Kyokushin karate-do or the Gracie folks did for Jiujiusu. While I would like that experience, I am not ready, but I am ready to spar in a MMA format, using headgear, UFC-gloves, and shin-instep pads: there I've learned that the basic jab, reverse punch to face, & low round kick (or high round kick) combo' to practical for me.

Having the ability to (1) break bones yet also knowing when & how to prevent or (2) resolve conflicts in a peaceful, non-violent, way is the goal of all budo: Without both pursuits, you are doing moving yoga, which is fine, just as you're satisfied with that truth: Such comfort orientated students are appreciated, supporting the dojo that also teach the fully sincere students.

Non-violence and peaceful resolution in potential conflict situations should be reserved for people of common cause: ie. Civil Rights advocates in the USA, South Africa, and India, but not for violent felons, the KKK, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban --these people deserve their full karma

Image or sincere reputation: a catch 22.

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