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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Jason Rudolph wrote: View Post
It seems to me that the static grab attack while perhaps unfortunately necessary for beginners, is not in an aiki direction. In other words, while it certainly is necessary to be able to deal with such an attack, it seems better to practice "leading" and not let the uke grab you how they want. As a Nage, he or she is-in my opinion,........... late. Perhaps there was not the latitude with who was teaching that particular class.

However, if there was, then the yudansha should be less concerned about the strength of the grab and be more concerned with why she let herself be grabbed (and threatened through implication of the other had and weapons the Uke has at that range) in the manner the Uke desired. Who is dictating the interaction-the Uke or is the Nage-just be reactive?

I have seen it with plenty of seniors as well including myself-either because they never learned to break the the often inevitable habit or had a mind gaff because one forgets how dangerous the attack has the potential to be.
I agree with this and it is something that we have been working on in class of late. Moving from the static attack of a beginner into the more fluid dynamics of a more advanced student and even exploring the concept of nage initiating the entire process. It's quite fascinating.

In defense of the person I was training with. We were working on an excercise which required a static grab.

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
Good. Like I said, wasn't there and I was keying off the comment about sinking. There is one guy I train with who for whatever reason has never gotten the idea that you don't just grab like a bag of rocks. And he wonders why every now and then someone will dump his butt in some odd way. Well, usually because his attack is sometimes stupidly dead.
It's all good. Any newer person reading this or anyone who has this habit will benefit form the comments.

I've had guys grab me that way many times. It's kind of annoying to me so I don't do it to others. Not to mention I have seen the results of trying that on a yundasha. It's entertaining watching them try that trick on sensei.
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