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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?


mostly that (1) too much idealistic consideration's given to the felon's safety at the unacceptable risk of the defender's
somewhat that (2) only very very few Aikido-only person could do well testing their art in a MMA/UFC type of pressure, in an open call for challenges: if Aikido-ka would break bones in such agreed duels then people will know Aikido's for real.

I'm just explaining why. I believe Aikido's for real, but for a large portion of Aikido-ka (and also for many in Karate-ka) self-knowledge through managing fear, pain, and fully practical physical skills is not a priority: The mind is polished through the "bitter" work on the body, that's a full circle. Many folks are comfortable with delusional or limited martial arts, like doing moving, compliant, yoga.

Unless Aikido-ka get known for breaking bones using Aikido the perception will not change.

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