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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Just reading these latter posts here seems to me that many aikidoka keep referring to the "hold my wrist syndrome" which is all very well, but is not good in just using that for novices.... I teach this right from the start...... by doing light atemi and getting my students to avoid with their bodies completely in any direction they can and finding out for themselves what they can and can't do. I also teach basic atemi in all it's myriad forms as a warm up in preparation for their practice to follow, starting with an entry waza such as ushiro ate (rear attack) then utilizing all the other atemi waza inherent in T/S aikido.....
We of course hold one anothers wrists to find out kuzushi which to me is non evident in most of the aikido we see today.... that's where the aiki is...... it's in the kuzushi.....
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