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Re: Aikido Frauds

Who will guard the guards? Organizations might just produce as many frauds as they prevent.

I have the idea that when something great like aikido is discovered, the first generation students really get to be part of something incredible. The next generation (I mean that first generation's students) will do quite well but the watering down is almost a gaurantee. By the third generation, if they don't use their resourses to rediscover the original spark - the watering down is probably too great to recover from for the next generation.

The hope is that organizations create that resourse in working to bring people together and enforce high quality. When being a part of an organization (or being an independant dojo for that matter) keeps people from practicing together and/or promote based on loyalty or ability to teach beginners or anything other than aikido ability then the members seriously need to think about what they are supporting.

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