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Re: Why no tsuba?

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In which school of swordmanship have you enough knowledge, so I get the context of your previous statement " it's already clear that the anti-tsuba forces don't consider the behavior of actual swords relevant to their practice" ?
That observation is based on the abundance of comments like this one in the thread itself:

Real swords however is a side issue for it is obvious that if I say no tsuba then I am talking bokken for you can't get a real sword without one. (unless you want to be pedantic then you could find that there are 'some' real katana without them.)
To my knowledge, none of Kuroda Sensei's students is here saying things like:
Reliance or using a tsuba as standard procedure leads to lazyness and complcency.
As for TSKSR, they clearly use tsuba with metal blades:
and therefore can't be seen as "anti-tsuba" generally. The people I've trained with who have studied TSKSR used tsuba when I trained with them.

My own training is primarily Saotome Sensei's aikiken, with a sprinkling of kenjutsu and iaijutsu. (While my main teachers have classical sword experience, they are not licensed to teach classical sword and so I'm not going to cause problems for them by naming specific styles.)


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