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Re: The Fear of Power

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I guess that initially "Power" is the motivator for training. Ueshiba seems mystical and powerful. This small man could defeat huge, powerful, younger martial artists. Then, as you start to get some "power" yourself, you test yourself outside of the Dojo, and you meet other very "powerful" people, you start to realize that power isn't really the goal, and never was.

The real goal is to be, for lack of a better word, okay. You want to no longer worry about who is going to take from you, who might beat you up, or who might make you feel stupid. You also realize that no matter how much "power" you have, you'll never have enough, there is always a situation bigger then you. At this point, once you feel accomplished, yet realize that your thirst for power was never really your desire at all, that you can finally get in touch with your real need; to be okay.

If you are okay, it doesn't matter how weak you are, you're still okay. It doesn't matter if anyone takes from you, or beats you, you're okay. It's not about your ability to influence others with your "power" it's about being able to accept, with great joy, any path that your life may take.

So I don't believe it's about "fear of power", it's about understanding that power was never the real goal. Easily said, but I'm sure not there yet.
That is a nice description of the real goal. Well said.

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